A System of Cancer Care

A System of Cancer Care
(an exercise)


Exploring the topic of mastectomies, Sonia Tagari and I took system theory to design practice and formulated a visualized concept after a series of iterations. Other maps were explored to better understand the context of the topic, including systemigrams and Jamshid Gharajedaghi's iterative inquiry. Since problems can only be tamed, according to Horst Rittel, this map will likely always have room for improvement – not to mention, the system of cancer care is vastly more complex then presented here in a three-week exercise. However, it was a valuable practice using system mapping techniques as a way to problem-frame. 

We decided to keep with an illustrative style for digitization, with Sonia leading map illustration and myself translating to digital. During the digitization process, I explored different ways in which to demonstrate causal loops. Ideation was a collaborative effort.


Angelsea Saby, Sonia Tagari


Peter Jones, Cameron Norman


...the image establishes a link between man and his environment...[and] it is the shared image that constitutes the principle bond among members of a human community
— Jamshid Gharajedaghi, 2011